A Nugget of Truth

What qualities and skills has God provided you? The qualities and skills God has actually offered you can be a sign of His will for your life. Your gifts and capabilities are tips you can apply to fulfill your hopes and dreams along with understanding God’s will for your life.

Many of us require feeling the existence of the arms of Jesus covered around us. Throughout these kinds of crisis times, we require to feel the arms of Christ covered around us. His arms safeguard us from every kind of supreme defeat.

We can discover abundance in life when we choose to live in emotional peace, specifically God’s emotional peace. To discover abundance in life needs faith, trust, and belief in a caring God. Discovering abundance in the hardship of life is a spiritual journey needing persistence, love for others, love for self, and love for God.

When you come upon times when you believe you don’t have anything or you observe that you have very little and begin to believe your life is worthless. It is time for a brand-new perspective. Astounding on its face, each individual has the energy and ability to make something from nothing. God has given each one of us the gift of creativity. God can and will impart His ideas and vision for your life when you depend and follow His directions.

Jesus does not like it when you are ill, however, He loves you anyway. Jesus does not like it when your cash runs out and you are broke, however, He loves you anyway. Jesus does not like it when you are stepped on and run over by life, however, He loves you anyway. Jesus does not like it when you sin, but He loves you anyway. Jesus came to give you eternal life. The power of the gospel truth means when you don’t have anything, you can still have everything that means anything and still be happy because Jesus loves you any which way you are.

When you thought you were excessively short, excessively tall, excessively fat, excessively flimsy, excessively pretty, excessively appalling, excessively rich, or excessively poor, in Jesus’ eyes, you were perfect. He despite everything considers you being perfect. despite what you consider yourself, in His eyes, you have a place. Jesus was with you all the time…even when you didn’t have a clue. In His eyes everyone, if they want to be, is just right.

Just one individual came into the world as God and that individual was the child Jesus. God sent out Jesus into the world as a child so our hearts would melt and we would end up being one with our Lord. God sent Jesus into the world as an infant so when we feel separated and alone we can cradle the infant born in a manger. We can then feel our seclusion and loneliness melt away in His love and grace.

Not everyone is going to open Christ’s spiritual door the same way. Not everyone is going to open the door fully. Some will open the door only a few inches wide, peek inside, and walk or run away. Some people will throw the door open and want and need a big, loud, and resounding reception from Him. Some people will gently push the door open and they will experience His love in a quiet time while on their knees in loving devotion. Some people will stand at the door, never get it opened, and will fake it as they have fully experienced the Holy Spirit’s full power.

The invitation for Christ to come into your life will not constantly take the kind of active words of a proper invite. Sometimes people invite Christ into their life prostrate at the foot of the Cross in godly sadness. When inviting Chris in laying down, standing up, or sitting is not important. One thing is for sure, like all interactions with God, we need to have the desire in our hearts and soul for Christ to come in and live within us.

You can believe Christ was the Son of God, believe He died on the Cross for you, and believe He rose again on the third day. You can objectively believe these truths just as you can believe it is now 65 degrees outside because you can read an outdoor thermometer. You can believe these truths, but will you take other steps on your faith journey? Will you begin to dig deep into the love and truth of your Christian faith? Will you seek, ask, and knock for the rest of your life? According to the words of Jesus, there is a spiritual door within you. You have the power and the decision-making ability to open this spiritual door or you have the power to leave the door closed. Jesus is putting the responsibility for action upon you by telling you to ask, seek, and knock on your spiritual door. Like a physical door, people can give a few tiny taps on this spiritual door and quickly walk away. People can pound for a long time on this door. People can knock on this door and not want to be there. When this door is finally opened some people may get frightened and back off and run away.

When I read in the Bible that God is love, I am to believe it, just because “it is written,” and not because I have had any inward revelation; and when the Bible says that He cares for us as He cares for the lilies of the field and the birds of the air and that the very hairs of our head are all numbered, I am to believe it, just because it is written, no matter whether I have an inward revelation of it or not.

It is of vital importance for us to understand that the stories in the Bible are not fairy tales, but truth; and that things are not true because they are in the Bible, but they are only in the Bible because they are true.

The Bible informs us that Christ is our peace, and subsequently, whether I feel as if I have peace or not, peace is mine in Christ, and I need to take possession of it by faith. If He states there is peace, faith asserts that there is, and gets in the pleasure of it.

With the Lord’s help, the damaged fences of our past can be healed, brand-new relationships constructed, and old relationships born-again. We have all made mistakes. Christ eliminates all our errors if we repent and accept Him as Lord of our life. Christ encourages us to rest our hearts in His love. He constantly listens to our prayers, our petitions, and the pleas of our hearts. Don’t be discouraged our Lord and Savior is listening to you.

Christ’s suffering for you is meant to remove your pain. Putting your life in Christ’s nail-scarred hands turns you away from bitterness and anger over previous hurts. Repentance is not just a procedure to face your misdeeds. It will also challenge you to forgive others for the pain and discomfort they have caused you. When you truly repent and forgive, you identify with the pain, suffering, and forgiveness of Christ. Invoking this process will give you victory over the darkness trying to pull you down. Praise God you are more than a conqueror.

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