Odell B. Theadford

Odell Theadford is married to Dr. Marcia Theadford. Both are ordained ministers. They currently live in Fort Worth, TX. Both are committed to the life-transforming ministry of Jesus Christ and desire individuals to experience the riches of His glory. Both are anointed speakers providing spiritual insight to encourage, exhort, and establish the Body of Christ.

Odell has been involved in ministry for over 35 years. As a dedicated minister, he has seen lives changed through the powerful, prolific and practical presentation of the Gospel. God has anointed him with the ability to teach the Word with the understanding that sets the captives free. Throughout his ministry, he has had the privilege of witnessing the power of God transform and reshape the lives of individuals and families.

The knowledge he has acquired while working within the Christian community and with various social service and health agencies have provided him with measureless experience working with people of diverse backgrounds. He has facilitated various workshops including anger management, conflict resolution, college preparation, youth leadership, and budgeting.

Odell has a simple vision for his ministry that says, “As I proclaim Jesus, the Christ, as head of the church and the manifested Word of God. I am dedicated to teaching the Word of God with simplicity and understanding so that the Word can be applied to our everyday life.”

The love of God, winning souls for the Kingdom of God, equipping people for ministry and uniting the Body of Christ remains his God-given focus and passion.  He remains steadfast in prayer and the study of the Word to fulfill God’s Kingdom purposes in his life.

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